På denne side kan ses – lidt spredte – tekniske indlæg, som vi har fået som spørgsmål fra vore kunder. Typisk er det problemstillinger, som mange googler, men som det er svært at finde et svar på. Af den grund har vi valgt, at skrive svarene på engelsk, så så mange som muligt kan få glæde af svarene…

Word 2013 – [SOLVED] file locked for editing by

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 01 okt, 2014 13:34:17

For some reasons you can get the errormessage:

Document is locked for editing by user + username

You only have the options to either use the document in protected mode / Read-only – or save it as a new filename somewhere else on your local machine.

I had the problem, and first I thought i was because of some VBA-coding I did. So I tried all kind of properties and to switch them on/off with true/false.

My problem was caused by Word it-self. For some reasons Word did not close Down completely.

From Windows Task Manager I simply killed all (2) WinWord.exe processes. They were running even though Word was not active. After killing these processes I could start my Word program without the error message.

SOLUTION: turn off – disable tap-to-click singleclick synaptics touchpad Noter

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 05 mar, 2014 22:54:09

Problem. When you single click your touchpad it Works like a doubleclick and you will by accident open and drag whatever you touch with your mouse. This stupid feature is called tap-to-click. This “feature” Works even though the Synaptics driver is not installed. The problem is, that you need to install the driver before you can disable this feature. Many people complain that they go to the Mouse-settings in the Control Panel to remove this “feature”, but there is no way to disable tap-to-click. No – because the driver is not installed. The good thing is, that the driver is allready on your computer – you just need to activate it first. See here.


1) If not allready installed – install the Synaptics driver

2) Disable tap-to-click in the control panel

ad 1) Install the Synaptic Driver this way: From the Start-button go to search. Search for Synaptics. In the folder ‘Synaptics Touchpad TM268 (the TM can have a different name) you run the Setup.exe. Restart your computer

ad 2) Go into the Control Panel from the Start Button. Open ‘Mouse’. I the dialogbox go the the tab ‘Device Settings’. Choose ‘Synaptics Touchpad’ and choose the ‘Settings’ button. Now you can see the Settings for the Synaptics Driver. From here you can open several sections. Click the ‘Tapping’ section and remove the checkmark in ‘enable tapping’.

SharePoint error 503 service unavailable – SOLVED Noter

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 06 feb, 2014 12:02:04

This error can be for many reasons. It has happened to me several times. One time because of Windows Update, where I had to deactivate certain updates.

This solution is for a standalone installation on Windows 7 x64 – SharePoint 2010

There can be more simple reasons:

IIS: Restart/start the IISprocess. Open your IIS manager (start |IIS manager). Under web application you choose your application (usually port 80).In the right pane you choose restart/start.

SQL: Open the SQL Configuration Manager (Start | SQL Configuration). Open the section ‘SQL Server Network Configuration’ and select ‘Protocols for SHAREPOINT’. In the right pane enable ‘Named Pipes’ simply by double clicking and change it in the dialog box that appears. In the Left Pane you choose SQL Server Services. In the right pane you rightclick ‘SQL Server (SHAREPOINT)’ and start the service. Be aware that this service might be turned off each time you restart Windows.

ISO-Images – how to open – unpack to folder on your windows computer Noter

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 06 feb, 2014 08:39:45

ISO-Images (iso-extentions) are used for several install files from other vendors. You cant just open an ISO-file by double-click it. Instead you have to find a freeware product to open these files.

The idea of an ISO-file is that you should burn a cd-rom. If you want to open the file in a folder on you computer you have a problem. I will not allow you to do that.

You can use ‘’. This program is free, and very simple to use. insert blog on your website with iframe – border problem Noter

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 14 nov, 2013 15:23:29

When you insert a blog on your website, there will be a border around that iframe. Normally you will remove this border with either css (border:none) or with an html-attribute (frameBorder=’0′).

But it does not work in Internet Explorer. Your code would normally be:

iframe id=”IFrame1″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src= width=’755′ height=’8000′ style=’position:relative;top:-139px;margin:0;padding:0′

instead you should change the src-attribute to where ‘zoomtek’ is the name of your domain/website and ‘demo’ is the name of you blog.

SEO words: border remove iframe css html attribute disable

php tab indent text in columns Noter Oprettet af Søren Anderson 21 maj, 2013 07:24:31

when you use echo and you want data printet out in columns you can use \t

But that won’t do it alone. You need to add the HTML <pre>-tag.

Add random text to Word

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 04 jun, 2012 14:17:46

type =random() or =lorem() followed by Enter. This will generate random text in Word.

The random-function accepts parameters like =random(2,40) . Kommentarer(0)// Redigér Slet ——-

Cisco Router EPC3925 Pin Code Oprettet af Søren Anderson 31 maj, 2012 09:03:20

To setup wireless connection with a Cisco EPC3925 Router you must first push the ‘setup wireless’ button at the back of the router.

Done this you can connect to your Wireless network. The pincode/password is the ‘s/n’ number (9 digits) printed at the back side of the router, and not as it is written in the manual.

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Private Browsing in Internet Explorer

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 30 maj, 2012 11:24:37

Private Browsing means, that no information is saved on the computer from pages you visit on the internet. This includes passwords, temporary files m.v.

You can always start a new private browser session with the shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-P.

If you always want to use PrivateBrowsing you can right-click your Internet Explorer Icon | choose Properties | and in the Destination Field you see the link to the Internet Explorer exe file. Add ‘-private’ to this field, so the content could be:

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -private

When you start PrivateBrowsing the browser ignores your preferred StartUp page. You can change to your own startup page in the registration database:

-Click Start | Run -Type RegEdit -Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE Microsoft Internet Explorer AboutURLs -DoubleClick the inPrivate option and change the URL Kommentarer(0)// Redigér Slet

Paste buttons disappear in Office 2010

Oprettet af Søren Anderson 30 maj, 2012 11:12:34

Search: paste, buttons, options, missing, disappear, Word, Office, Excel 2010

Problem: The Paste buttons in Office 2010 (and sometimes 2007) disappear. You will only be able to paste plain text, also internally between Office documents. Formats and pictures will not be copied. Only regular text.

Solution: Delete the Skype plugin “Click-to-call” plugin from the Control Panel. See further details here: